We believe...

What goes around comes around
  • in serving fresh food that is delicious and nutritious – and can be eaten by everyone;
  • in the healing power of food and its ability to do good for your body;
  • the definition of real wealth is to have an abundance of "GOOD KARMA" – and our most valuable asset is our accumulation of good will;
  • that financial profitability is essential for our success and longevity - and the more money we make, the more we can give back and the more good we can do;
It's cool to be kind
Do good
  • it's cool to be kind;
  • that you get what you give – so do good and good will come to you;
  • it is essential to love what you do;
  • in symbiosis – win/win relationships are the only way to work;
  • in using only real, fresh ingredients from honest, responsible sources;
  • that just because food is healthy and tasty doesn’t mean it needs be expensive;
  • it's fundamental to respect mother earth and our neighbors too;
  • in being a source of inspiration in all that we do – because if you can ignite the spark in people then you will help to light up the world;
  • that Indian food is THE perfect solution to achieve our goals - by nature the ingredients are affordable, nutritious and good for all diet types and the flavors are bold and exciting and loved around the world.
It's a great day to give


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Eat good Do good Feel good.
Good Karma


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